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Why you NEED a Professional Property Manager!

If you do not know the correct answers to ALL of the questions listed below you can be causing yourself to lose money, and possibly putting yourself at risk for legal actions! You NEED to hire a licensed, professional property manager to protect you and your property at every turn!

  • What form(s) do I need to post if tenant has not paid their rent? What information MUST be included in these notices?
  • Can I turn off the power, water/sewer, etc, if the tenants have not paid their rent?
  • Can I collect rent for a year in advance? Why is this, or is this not, a good idea?
  • Can I go into the property to inspect or do repairs? Do I have to give notice? How and how much?
  • What is my responsibility for taxes on different types of leases?
  • Can I use the Security Deposit for rent if the tenant does not pay on time?
  • Do I have to release tenants from the lease if I am in a foreclosure process on my property?
  • What if I am working with my bank and a foreclosure will be corrected prior to completion?
  • Can I consider the property vacant if the utilities are turned off and it “looks” like nobody is living there anymore? Can I go in to see if they are? How do you know for certain?
  • What if the tenant refuses to moveIout when they say they are going to?
  • Can tenants moveIin additional people without my approval? How can I get them out if they do?
  • What maintenance and repairs am I required to perform on the property, and what are the tenants responsible for?
  • What happens if a tenant moves out midway through the lease without notice? What if they GIVE notice?
  • Can I refuse to allow pets and children in my rental property?
  • What do I do with the Security Deposit once a tenant moves out? What if there are damages or money owed? What forms and what timeframe demands are required?


These are only a few of the many questions that anyone handling a rental property MUST know.

Call the Professionals at Great American Realty & Investments, Inc. to ensure that you are NOT AT RISK!


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